Care y cleaning

Silver jewelry will lose its shine naturally, as well as gold plating will fade away with use. Prevent your jewelry from bangs, scratches, humidity, extreme temperatures, sweat and chemicals. We recommend not wearing your jewelry when showering, or swimming in the pool or at the sea. Avoid perfumes, creams or any other product directly over your jewelry.

We recommend you use the original packaging to keep your jewelry safe.
If you no longer have the packaging, find a soft pouch. It is very important your jewelry is not kept together to avoid scratches or getting tangled.


An effective way of cleaning your jewelry is with a lint free cloth. Avoid using tissue paper, napkins, towels and toilette paper since these materials can scratch the metal. We do not recommend using silver cleaning products for gold plated jewelry. Do not apply products over enamel or stones, since these are natural, and any product can result invasive.